Baking – My dough is too brown


According to this recipe, I did exactly what the author wrote. I ended up with a dough that was too wet and brown. I have several questions about to this recipe.

  1. When the recipe calls for both white and brown sugar, am I suppose to add white sugar first, beat until incorporated, then mix in the brown sugar; or can I add them both in at the same time?.
  2. Melted butter: I melted until it turned liquid. Mixing it with white and brown sugar resulted in a thick, dark brown liquid different from what I learned about using the creaming method. Did I melt my butter for too long?

The more I bake the more problems I find.

Best Answer

Yes, you can dump both sugars in together.

This recipe is not based on the creaming method. Instead, the butter is melted for a chewy cookie. You want the butter melted, but not browned (although that may add flavor it is not called for in this recipe).

The chilling and resting are essential for success. During this time the starches will hydrate, the butter will chill, and the dough will firm.

Your expectations from creaming method recipes do not apply, so don't worry that the dough doesn't seem exactly the same. The color will be darker than you may be used to. That is okay.

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