Beef – Roasting this beef


I have a 10.95 lb "round sirloin tip knuckle," USDA Select, half of which I want to roast in a conventional electric oven.

As few online recipes have this specificity (especially for this grade, cut, and technique), I have some questions:

  1. How should I season it? I'm obsessed with butter, tomato, pepper, and onion.
    1. OO/butter on top?
    2. Caramelized onions?
    3. Tomato? paste?
  2. Should I put aluminum foil on it when roasting it?
  3. Can you give me an estimate of time/temperature?


Best Answer

This cut would benefit from a relatively slow roast. I would thickly slice a few onions and put them in a dutch oven. Then rub the beef with mustard, salt and pepper, place on the onions, cover with a damp piece of baking parchment, put the lid on and roast at about 340F for 4 hours.

The fat will render out of the meat and the onions will caramelise beautifully in it. The meat should be fork tender and delicious.