Cake – Dense and gluey centered cake problem


I tried baking a cake for the first time. The brief procedure I followed was:

  • Mashed 4 eggs. Added to it 1 cup sugar, 200g butter. Mixed it using an electric mixer.
  • Then added to it 1.5 cup of all purpose flour. Mixed it thoroughly again using electric mixer.
  • Baked it at 180 degree celsius for half an hour.

But the end product was not light and fluffy at all.

It looked something like this:

I cut open the entire cake

My question is:

What actually went wrong with this cake? What can I do so that I do not end up making a cake like this in future?

I want to make a normal cake which is significantly light and fluffy.


Best Answer

You didn't have any leavening agent, simple as that. Add about 5-7 g baking powder to this amount of flour and you'll get a normal cake.