Chicken – Can chicken skeleton be made edible


I like to preserve as much as possible from my cooking and trash as little as possible.

With that in mind:

  • can chicken skeleton be made edible?
  • or is there a way for the bone marrow to be extracted and cooked?

Or does it exist a reason for why it is a bad idea to consume chicken skeleton?

Best Answer

Chicken bones have a tendency to 'splinter' when 'mashed' (as in chewed upon), which is why you never give chicken bones to a dog. This applies equally to humans, if we gnaw on a chicken bone it is more like to create a harmful splinter that may find itself lodged in any number of places in your digestive system.

That said, as has been commented above, extracting the flavorful marrow and those 'last little bits' from the carcass can be achieved by making stock. If you are wanting to reduce the waste, I would then recommend drying and grinding the remaining bones to provide calcium into your compost.

[Edit] Interesting comments from @JohnEye & @Molot prompted a bit of research. Here is an article from WebMD that supports my original statement.

Other articles suggest that some people do this, but I would still conclude that it is not safe to do so, though apparently it can be done.