Chicken – What are these tiny kidney bean sized things in the rotisserie chicken


I was trying to separate the bone and chicken meat to make soup when all of a sudden I see these tiny kidney bean things.literally the same size and everything but it was inside the chicken. Which is a rotisserie style chicken from the store. What are they. I cut into them no weird stuff and im sure they are too small to be the chickens actual kidney. This chicken was way too bigenter image description here

Best Answer

Your chicken was a rooster and what you found are his testicles. If you are not queasy, this forum entry gives you a picture and some more anatomical details.

While animal testicles are typically edible and often a speciality/delicacy, many westerners are not necessarily familiar with them, especially in animals as comparatively small as roosters. Asian (e.g. Chinese) cuisine knows various dishes based on chicken testicles, and there‘s also a Hungarian dish that’s basically a stew/goulash.

On the other hand, they have confused unwitting consumers as readily reported by the kind of media that favors sensationalism.

So don’t worry, you can simply eat them, if you want. Or get inspired by Heston Blumenthal’s Regency recipe for his Fairytale Feast.