Exactly how much is “one glass”, in Russian recipes


In many many Russian recipes, measurements call for one glass or this one glass of that.

One glass in Russia, appears to be a similar concept to what one cup is in United States.

But here lies a problem, I will run down the list:

  • USSR mass-produced a certain type of faceted glass that pretty much everyone had in Russia. The facets on the glass ended before reaching the top of the glass, thus marking a natural edge.
    • Pouring water into glass up to that edge == 200 milliliters
    • Pouring water till the top of the glass = 250 milliliters

It is NEVER specified if you are to fill up till the edge or to the top.

Now Russia produces all kinds of "glasses". Looking around Russian native sites, I see that one glass can be anywhere from 180g, 200g, 250g. Also, measuring water, sugar, and flour by volume this way, will produce different weight.

Does anyone have an experience in this?

I have a recipe that calls for "approximately 4 glasses of flour". How much do I put?

I suppose I can use "one US cup" measure, but I know that one US cup, as a measurement vessel/quantity, did not exist in the recipe originator's minds in Soviet Russia.

Question: how much is 1 glass? Is it safe to use one cup?

Best Answer

Hello dennismv and welcome to Seasoned Advice! This page gives information and history on the faceted glass, so popular in Russia.

enter image description here

From what I could glean from other sites your measurements are correct. For use in recipes you would fill to the top of the facets or, as you say, the natural edge. This would be 200 ml.


Update -- The recipe below, found here , translates 1 glāze (glass) to 1 cup. I found the same to be true in many other recipes.

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Gingerbread December 5, 2011


  • 2 eggs/vajíčka/muna/jajka/olas
  • 3 cups flour/ šálky mouky/ klaasi jahu / kubki maki / glāzes miltu
  • 2 cups of sugar/ šálky cukru/ klaasi suhkrut / szklanki cukru / glāzes cukura
  • Baking powder – 1. Teaspoon / prášek na pečení – jedna lžíce/ 1 tl küpsetuspulbrit / lyzeczka proszku do pieczenia / tējkarote cepamā pulvera
  • 2 spoons of cocoa / lžíce kakaa / 2 spl kakaod / lyzki kakao / karotes kakao
  • 1 cup of milk/ šálky mléka /klaas piima / szklanka mleka / glāze piena
  • 1 cup of oil / šálky oleje / klaas õli / szklanka oleju / glāze ellas
  • 2 spoons of Jam / lžíce jamu / stl moosi / lyzki dzemu / karote ievārijums
  • 1 tea spoon of honey / lžíce medu / stl mett / lyzeczka miodu / karote medus
  • Gingerbread spicies / perníkové koření /piparkoogi maitseained / przyprawy korzenne / piparkūku garšvielas ( kanēlis)