Flavor – Flavour combinations – structural analysis


Without neccesarily going into molecular cooking (although we could): does any literature / website / theory provide information on flavor / flavour combinations that go well together?

(ignoring texture at this time: I'm sure it's a contributing factor)

The palate 'likes' certain combinations of sweet, salty, fatty, etc., sure. And certain complex flavours are found in many different recipes – a result of tradition and empirical succes.


  • tomatoes, mozzarella, basil (generally: tomatoes and green herbs)
  • soy / ginger
  • carrots / celery (baked, often with bacon or a meat)
  • strawberries / cream

etc. etc. etc.

The dream answer to this question would be some sort of map, visually grouping things, but that may not be possible in 2d.

Best Answer

Check out a site called Food Pairing. They have excellent graphical visualizations of what combines well with given ingredients and also use common flavor profiles to help you determine appropriate substitutions. I think this is pretty close to the "map" you are asking for.

Khymos is a great resource as already mentioned.