Flour – Substitute Quinoa Flour to All-Purpose Flour


If the recipe calls for 1 cup All Purpose Flour, how many cups of Quinoa flour should I use to completely replace All-Purpose flour?

Best Answer

If you want to replace 100% of gluten containing flour in a recipe, you will probably need to vary the amounts of the other ingredients, the cooking time and the cooking temperature. It doesn’t behave the same as gluten containing flours in the oven.

Every recipe is different, but some very general rules of thumb are (for which there are probably just as many exceptions – I know, it's so annoying. But look on the bright side: Grain and gluten free living will certainly keep your creative side ticking):

  • Reduce the cooking time
  • Reduce the cooking temperature
  • Increase the amount of moisture in the recipe
  • Increase or add more binding agent (such as eggs). The lack of gluten can mean the final result doesn’t hold together as well. This rule is the least likely to be true, but it’s worth keeping in mind if your results are less than amazing.