Freezer door left slightly open


My larder freezer door was left slightly open overnight – one of the internal drawers wasn't pushed fully home. The gap was about 2 millimetres and the alarm was sounding.

The freezer was last open at 11pm and I found it at 6:30am.

I closed the door and after a few minutes the temperature gauge read -1C.

The freezer is completely full of raw meat and fish, meals made at home and frozen, etc.

The insides seem to be frozen still and there was no sign of any water in the freezer or on the floor from things defrosting.

Should I discard the food? Is there a way if telling if any or all of it is ruined?

Best Answer

You write "the inside was still frozen" and that there is no sign of defrosting. What would make this unsafe or risky? The risk begins when food temperature rises above 40F (about 4C). It sounds like you were not even close. Close the door and move worries.