How many green onions are in a bunch


I have a lot of green onions but my recipe calls for a small bunch. Roughly how many green onions would I find in any of the following?

  • Small bunch
  • Normal bunch
  • Large bunch

Best Answer

Well, I can at least show you what ALDI in Germany considers a bunch:

bunch on scale

in hand

It weighs about 200g and if I wrap my hand around it, my finger touches the middle joint of my thumb, which according to JBergen's comment, makes it a medium bunch.

And in this bunch are.... unwrapped Seven onions!

But the exact number is probably not really important. Cooking can be a pretty exact science occasionally, but most of the time, a bit more or less won't make or break a recipe. So use common sense and the 7 onions / 200g per medium bunch as a guideline. If your onions are especially pungent, you might want to cut back, if they are mild or you want a bit of a punch, be more generous.