How to avoid getting arm hair in food


Sorry if this question is slightly gross.

I happen to have a significant amount of hair on my arms and the back of my hands. When preparing food using my hands (e.g. kneading dough), sometimes hair gets in the food. How can I avoid this? What would a serious / professional cook do?

Would they wear gloves and long sleeves? Would they shave their arms? Are there other approaches?

Best Answer

I have a similarly hairy hand/arm issue. I scrub my hands and arms quite roughly with soap, hot water and scouring pad prior to any prep. In an effort to remove any lose hairs before giving them a chance to get in any food. Suffice to say I've never noticed any hair in any of my food.

Gloves may help stop any hand hair's getting in there but I can't see how a long sleeved top would, all you'll end up with is dirty cuff's. If it really does get bad just clingfilm your arms ;-)