How to identify turkey liver


Making turkey gravy – the recipe says to not use the liver. How can I identify the liver from the magical bag of turkey bits?

I ended up with 4 things. The first looked like 2 organs connected by some sort of tendon. The 2nd was more firm and sort of bean shaped – a little bigger than the first digit of my thumb. The last 2 looked like they might be the same thing – dark red (I would say "liver colored" but they are all this sort of darkish red color), kind of flat, with tear drop shapes on one end.

Still need to find the neck – I know what that looks like – hopefully it's in this bird somewhere.

Best Answer

Here is a great place to go to compare identified inards with what you have.

Personally, when making gravy, I just use the drippings from the turkey, sometimes I throw the neck in for a little extra, if I need to make some more. Call me squimish, but I usually toss the rest, but that's just me.