How to make large clear ice cubes


I want to make some ice cubes that are large (1" on a side or more), crystal clear, and perfectly cubical. I want them large to make my drinks dilute less slowly, and clear and cubical because I think it looks nice. When I make ice in the freezer, it's always cloudy. Any ideas?

Best Answer

Wired Magazine had a recent guide on how to make crystal clear ice. I'm copying it here since the article says it's under Creative Commons license:

Go Big Ditch the ice tray and use a large vessel like a thick plastic bowl or, better yet, an insulated cooler. Fill it with water and stow it in the freezer.

Wait The H2O can take a day or so to solidify. Remove the mini berg when it’s solid on the outside but still has a liquid core.

Drain With an ice pick, bread knife, or screwdriver, make a hole to release the trapped water.

Segment Score a grid onto the slab of ice, then pry it apart into cubes - the ice should break cleanly along the seams. Bigger cubes are ideal because they melt more slowly.

Contributed by Camper English