How to make McDonald’s type French Fries


I have eaten french fries from most popular fast food joints. McDonald's has been the best by far.

Crisp & crunchy on the outside yet moist inside, still maintaining the potato taste. Also it does not go soggy after taking it out of the deep-frier. I have tried my best to recreate what they do, I even went to great lengths to get their pre-fried fries from their outlet.

Anyone have any idea how to make this?

Best Answer

What you want is Kenji Lopez-Alt. Here.


  • Cut fries 1/4 inch thick to maximize crispiness
  • Blanch fries with a little vinegar in the water
    The vinegar preserves the potatoes' pectin and keeps them from disintegrating in the water
  • Briefly fry
  • Freeze the fries
    This opens up their internal structure and allows more crispification
  • Before serving, fry for the last time

Another advantage of doing fries this way is that the blanching, pre-frying, and freezing can be done in large batches in advance.