How to practice piping icing without wasting icing and money


Is there some cheaper alternative to real icing so I can avoid wasting good icing and money while practicing? Or can I avoid having to throw the practice icing away? I do not want to waste good butter just to practice my piping skills =)

Best Answer

I suggest you use royal icing instead of butter icing. Basically made from icing sugar (powder sugar) and egg white, it will cost very little and can still be coloured if necessary.

Royal Icing practice runs by Colette Komm from her Blog "Everything She Seams…"

Once you have tried out all the simple styles you scrape it off the board or work surface, mix it well and practice again. Store in a sealed air-tight container in the fridge for 1-2 days. This will give you time to make more intricate flowers, trellis, run out collars, nests, baskets, etc. on small squares of greaseproof paper, nails, etc.

Noor Icing nozzles

Dry in an airy place and once completely set and hard, you can keep the results in a sealed container in a cool dry place for weeks to use as cake or cookie decorations. If you are really serious about becoming a sugar artist, it will be important to master royal icing, so you might as well start out with using it for "basic training", so to speak.