How to store honey so it’s fresh and the opening of the container is not always a mess


How to store honey so it's fresh and the opening of the container is not always a mess? The plastic container the honey comes in has a small opening for squeezing, but it is always a mess.

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Honey by its very nature is sticky and will stick to any surface it will touch. If wiping away the excess honey from a container with a small hole for squeezing is not something you want to have to do, you may want to consider procuring yourself another kind of airtight container.

If being able to squeeze honey out is important, a lid with a rubber valve like below may be suitable for you. The valve opens as you squeeze the bottle and closes itself on its own when you stop squeezing, preventing the honey from accumulating too much. It works better than a plain hole, but may need occasional cleaning.

Lid with rubber valve

If cleanliness is more important than squeezability, a glass jar may be the way to go for you. A wide enough opening will allow you to scoop the honey out with a spoon or a honey dipper without it gunking anything up, though you'll need to be careful not to drip too much on your way out, or the lid will become sticky as well.