Ny way to “Salt” unsalted cashew pieces


I picked up a bag of cashew pieces from the bulk bin last night got home and realized they were of the unsalted variety. Which are good but for a snack not quite what I was looking for.

Is there anyway to "salt" those cashew pieces. I googled and found ways to do it when they are still shelled but none after the fact. I may not be using the correct search paramaters though as I cannot think of any other terminology other than "make salted cashews". I don't need a recipe just a direction and if it is possible.

Best Answer

Sure, just roast them in a pan with oil for few seconds, not long enough to darken, and remove the nuts. As soon as you remove the cashews from oil they are sticky, then you need to sprinkle salt on it. Don't add much—add slightly, checking the taste, and then mix according to the taste you require.