Recipe calls for a heaping teaspoon of a liquid ingredient


I'm looking at a recipe for chickpeas (garbanzo beans) roasted in a spice mix, which looks yummy, but I'm confused by some items in the ingredients list.

I'm happy with this:

1 heaping teaspoon curry powder

I simply take my 5ml measuring spoon, and get a heaped scoop of curry powder.

But for

1 heaping teaspoon sesame, coconut or olive oil

1 heaping teaspoon sriracha

I can see that sriracha might well hold its shape enough to form a heap. But what about the oil??

Best Answer

It was a typo - the poster has corrected it, by deleting the 'heaping' on the oil. But, mysteriously, left it on the sriracha. Maybe her sriracha comes in powdered form... I don't think it's a second-language issue, her English looks native to me.