Sous vide pasteurization for pregnant wife


long time StackOverflow user (and home cook). My wife is now almost 5 months pregnant, and whilst initially I didn't want to serve her sous vide food (she didn't want any) 5 months of non sous vide meals has taken its toll on her!

After looking into sous vide pasteurization it would seem that as long as food is pasteurized, it is super safe (if not safer than any other method).

So am I right in thinking, that as long as food has reached its pasteurized temp for the right time, there are no food safety issues (regarding pregnant women etc).

So technically I could serve her a rare(ish) steak, cooked at 136F, if I slow cooked it over say 8 hours?

Likewise, the first meal I was going to attempt was sous vide ribs, 8 hours at 164F (to be safe).


Best Answer

Pasteurization is the process of heating food to kill pathogenic bacteria, rendering it safe to eat. Pasteurization is a function of temperature and time. Using sous vide, one could easily have a pasteurized rare steak, or even a "raw" egg. So, yes...pasteurized food is able to be consumed more safely by people who are immunocompromised or pregnant. These guides will be helpful.