What would be the best way of preparing lasagne in advance


Due to time constraints, I need to prepare a large lasagne a day in advance of a dinner party at a friends house the next day. The ingredients will be meat sauce, bechamel sauce, a variety of grated hard cheeses and the dehydrated, hard pasta lasagne sheets commonly found in Europe and the UK.

I have considered assembling the lasagne while it is still warm, as both the sauces will be less stiff, more easily spread and levelled. However, I am concerned the heat may affect the quality of the cheese and the pasta sheets.

I won't really have much time to wait for it to cool down before assembling the dish the night before, and the next day both sauces will be very thick and almost impossible to spread evenly straight out of the refrigerator.

As I intend to bake the dish at the friends house, what would be the best way to approach this to bake the best lasagne?

Best Answer

Just prepare the lasagna in advance as you normally would the day before the event. Refrigerate. Bring the dish to the friends house and bake as you normally would. Lasagna is fairly sturdy. It will hold up just fine.