Why use a kettle to heat water


Whenever I need to heat up water for a French press or hot chocolate, I do it in the microwave. Is there a good reason to use a kettle instead of the microwave to heat water?

Best Answer

Bear in mind that I'm using an electric kettle, rather than a stove-top one.

First, the advantage of a kettle is that it is quite efficient, and turns itself off once the water is boiling. This as opposed to the microwave, which only stops after a set time, rather than relying on the condition of the water.

Second, a microwave can cause water to superheat, particularly in a ceramic or glass container. This means that there is a certain risk that the water will "jump out" at you once you add something to it or put a spoon in.

Additionally, most kettles have more power than the average microwave, so the kettle is probably faster to boil water.