Will changing the setting on the Crock Pot reset the timer


If I have a Crock Pot "Smart Pot" set to "High" (or 4 hours) and then I change the setting to "Low" or 10 hours, does the time start over or will it just cook for 10 hours from the time I changed it?

For instance, if I put the crock pot on high at noon, it will turn off at 4 PM; say I change it to low at 2 PM – will the slow cooker turn off at midnight (10 hours later) or just cook on low until 4 PM?

Best Answer

From experience cooking chili in Crock-Pot brand slow cookers, each time you change the setting (at least from high to low or vice versa), it resets the timer. Also, of course, so does high->off->high.

So, (at least my Crock-Pots) would cook on low until midnight in your example.

Well, unless the power went out for three seconds. (It'd be off after the power blip.)

Personally, I've switched to non-"programmable" slow cookers.