Am I ready to install window framing in load bearing wall


I'm looking to add a window to an exterior, load-bearing wall. In front of the wall (which rests on the foundation) is another "wall" framed for wood paneling.

I need to cut through the studs A and B on the outside wall to add a header and the rest of the framing.

My question is whether the inside wall will support the load as I complete the framing. The inside wall has studs going to the concrete subfloor and the top abuts the floor joists above. In the second picture you can see how the floor joists are almost doubly supported.

My plan is to cut studs A and B, add the header and jack studs to the outside wall, then once that is in I can cut out the opening in the inside wall.

Opened wall wide view
Floor joists resting on walls

Best Answer

Yes, but I'd add a few things...

Firstly, I've done what you're doing many times. It will work just fine. A framed structure is a system, and there's a lot more supporting those joists than you might think. Mentally step through everything that they're connected to and you'll realize that you can almost take the studs out without doing anything else, even without your inner wall.

Now, FreeMan makes a good point about the studs on the inner wall not aligning with the joists, but not quite like he thinks. Joists needn't align with studs below if there's a doubled top plate. That's where your inner wall is lacking.

Fortunately, a solution is simple. Slap three temporary studs against the inner wall, flat, directly under the joists that will be unsupported by the outer wall. They'll run from the concrete to the underside of the joist. Nail them to the inner wall at the top, middle, and bottom and carry on. Everything else is well supported by the foundation wall. The temporary studs rest on the slab, which in turn rests on the footing below (or very close to it). All good.