Are there high flow floor heat registers available


The weather has been pretty warm lately so we've been running our A/C. I noticed that it didn't seem like much air was coming out of the registers, so I checked to make sure the blades/louvers were fully open. When I pulled out the register there was a HUGE difference between having the register in (and completely open) and removed. There is easily 40% more airflow when the register is removed.

We have a few "scroll pattern" registers that are a bit better, but I haven't been able to find them locally anymore. All of the new ones seem to use this plastic louver behind the decorative plate that looks like it blocks 50% of the air even when fully open.

Are there high-flow registers available (4×10)?

Best Answer

It looks like you can buy damper boxes separately from grilles. An example is here. You could also get a grille and install it without a damper box if you have no need to damp airflow from that supply vent.

Alternatively, just cut the metal/plastic that's blocking supply off your existing register and call it a day.