Are these toilet bolts installed properly


I had my bathroom renovated and had a new toilet installed. I noticed the white caps on the toilet screws were not secure—- looked like the contractor tried to secure them with some sort of caulking. I was not confident that they would stick and I had a grave concern because my daughter likes to pull them off anyway. So I took them off and cleaned up the goop which was used to secure them.

I didn't know if i was being overcritical but it seemed like the caps might have been hiding shoddy work. I attached some photos. Notice the washer (I don't recall seeing them on old insulation). Also it looks like the screw was broken off after it was screwed in. (it's sharp)– again another issue for my daughter.

Couple of questions-
1. Is there custom hardware to attach toilet to floor?
2. What should keep these caps or is there an assumption that you won't have two year olds to pull them out.

you can see how the screw is jagged

Best Answer

The caps come with a washer-type thing that they clip into: toilet bolt covers

Your toilet clearly does not have these clips. Using silicone is most definitely not the correct way to attach these, so maybe the installer lost the clips or just has never installed a toilet before?

It's normal to cut the bolts to length, as the length needed depends on the thickness of your floor. The nice way to do this is with a tool that has a cut-off wheel (eg, Dremel), the not-so-nice way is a pair of cutters since it leaves the edges sharp, but if the cap is attached correctly it shouldn't matter.

Here's what it looks like normally (via Handymanhowto), the clips are clear in this case:

toilet attached to floor