Basement – more attractive alternative to a drop ceiling that allows easy access to the space above it


Are there any ways of installing a basement ceiling that is seamless and does not look like a drop ceiling, but which can still be somehow disassembled?

Alternatively, are there more subtle forms of drop ceiling technology available?

My subjective opinion is that drop ceilings look ugly. But as I need to access the area above in my basement, at least until all my re-wiring-the-house tasks are done, I don't want to put up drywall, unless I can rig up some panes that I can later remove (which is one option I am considering). I could also just put up drywall, and cut holes in it, and patch it later.

What would you do? Put up with a drop ceiling? Make holes later? Third alternative?

Best Answer

You may be able to hang birch- or maple-faced plywood. You can screw it to joists and then unscrew a panel when you need to get in to change stuff.

My neighbor used this as a floor, with a urethane coating, but you may be able to skip the finish.

I haven't tried this approach myself. YMMV.

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