Basement – the proper order in framing the basement walls


I am thinking of finishing my basement and am wondering what is the proper order of things for framing the walls.

  • Do I put up perimeter walls first with electrical, insulation and vapor barrier, and then do the partition walls or
  • do I do all the framing (both perimeter and partition wall) and then insulate the perimeter?

I favour the second option as that will allow me to close off the utility room before moving on to do the rest of the basement, but not quite sure if that is the way it is done commonly.

Best Answer

The only reason not to frame everything up would be logistics. If it would be hard to get the bathtub or drywall into the basement because of a framed wall in the way. Cost could be another factor. You would be staggering your project in a possibly inconvenient manner. It may also require extra sets of permits and inspections from the local gov't due to the fact that you'll be framing essentially twice.