Basement – What are these 3 thin lines draining into the sump well


There are 3 thin lines draining constantly into my sump well. The lines are coming through the concrete to the best of my knowledge because i can't trace them on the walls or ceiling. I am having a constant pumping through the line in the upper left of the well, every 30 seconds of a fair amount of water, causing my sump pump to run every 20 minutes. This is creating an issue with drainage in my yard. I'm assuming that the french drain installed doesn't have anything to do with these lines, but could they be from the wall mounted inline water heater? Or even the refrigerator line? I also have a water treatment system, but i have bypassed this to remove it from the equation. Any suggestion would be greatly appreciated as i have been dealing with this issue for quite some time.enter image description here

Best Answer

Suggestions for investigation:

(1) Temporarily attach it to a piece of transparent tubing held vertically above the sump, to see how high the water rises. This will give you a clue to the location of the source.

(2) Force high pressure air into it and walk around listening for a hissing noise.

(3) Stop it up and see what floods or overflows. Be prepared with mops, bucket, shop-vac, etc.

(4) Inject a harmless dye or other tracer under pressure and see what turns colors. Green is best for deniability if it turns out the source is not on your property.