Best shoes for walking on a standing seam metal roof


I went up on my roof this weekend to do some work on an antenna and clean chimneys. It's the first time I've been up there since I replaced the hail damaged asphalt shingles with standing seam steel.

I wore some basic cross-trainers, roof was dry, but cold – probably 35F.

The lower roof (4/12) was ok, but I didn't feel all that secure. On the upper roof (5/12) I didn't feel very secure at all with regard to slipping and doubt I'll go up there again unless I can find a better solution.

I did some roofing and construction as a kid – working on roofs doesn't spook me in general and these aren't particularly steep. But I've never worked on a steel roof before.

Will warmer weather or better shoes make a big difference? I don't recall the crew putting the roof on having much trouble, though they got off in a hurry at the first hint of rain.

Best Answer

What you did was fine for the task at hand. A good sneaker/trainer is all you need, but yes, ANY moisture and you can go for a ride easily with little chance of stopping before the ground.

Metal roofs can be spooky.