Build a wooden floor over an occasionally moist garage slab with a drain


I would like to install a subfloor in my garage and turn it into an office.
The floor is slanted all towards the middle where there is a drain.
There has never been any water (that I've seen in the last 5 years anyway) come out of it. However, sometimes, when it rains VERY HARD there is a little bit of water infiltration beneath my garage door.

My question is
– Can I build a sub floor over top of that? Do i need to leave access to the drain? should i be worried about the minimal water infiltration (we're talking about 2-3 cups of water)

Best Answer

Consider a subfloor system like DriCore.


These types of systems combine a subfloor base with a water barrier that has channels underneath to allow small amounts of moisture to drain or evaporate.

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