Concrete – Laying Vinyl Flooring Over Uneven Poured Concrete


I am trying to give my basement floor an update, and I have purchased a click and lock vinyl floating floor. The existing poured concrete has some raised areas (where the concrete was clumpy and not properly smoothed 50 years ago). The floor is level, with the exception of these small bumps and divots every now and then. I am not experienced enough to try a self-leveling compound, so I thought I would use a concrete patch to at least smooth out the surface in these few spots.

Is this a doable solution? All I really care about is making sure the vinyl flooring doesn't have major pockets or gaps between it and the concrete sub-floor. Any thoughts, recommendations, or warnings about this approach?

Best Answer

Spend $50 on a non contact moisture meter rated for concrete. Make sure your system is ok with whatever level you have spring/fall..

Floor grinding with a diamond cup grinder, followed by SLC (self leveling compound) for the low spots would minimize the SLC needed.

Follow your vinyl flooring manufacturer for sealing/curing/dryness.