Concrete mix too much Sand


Hi Knowledgeable people,

I've just dug up old fence concrete bases etc as fence blew down. Re done concrete bases, put posts up etc.

And now I am looking at the concrete and am worried I've added too much SAND! Panic!!

I looked up the ratio online: aggregate, sand, cement, 4, 2 ,1 I think and bought ballast, sand and cement.

I followed the ratio, with 4 ballast, 2 sand, 1 cement etc. However, I'm worried that the ballast having various size clippings in down to sand, meant I didnt need to add the sand?

Will my concrete last?

Best Answer

Fence-post bedding is a non-challenging job and on that basis, don't stress about it too much.

Your mixture sounds perfectly good - the usual place folks go wrong is adding too much water, but see the first sentence of this answer.