Concrete – What type of cleaner should I use to remove a puke stain from concrete


My cat puked on the basement floor in a couple places, but I can't seem to clean the stain. So far I've tried simply mopping with Pine-Sol®, which didn't work. Then I tried scrubbing/mopping with OxiClean™, which also didn't work.

Should I try a cleaner that is specifically designed for concrete?

It's a typical poured concrete basement, that doesn't appear to be sealed. Also keep in mind that it is a basement, so it's indoors and doesn't have great ventilation.

enter image description here
Stain after cleaning

Best Answer

Muriatic acid in a weak solution with water (10% acid) will clean almost any stain on cement. Remember to use gloves and if going any stronger than 10% it can make an unpleasant smell. All swimming pool stores have it and most Home Depot, lows, Jerry’s stores also carry it. When mixing add the acid to the water (when you open the bottle it will be quite strong so you want to have fresh air). Put the mix on the area, let sit for a few minutes then mop up and rinse 3 times with water, caution it may make a very clean spot like new cement.