Contractor suggests caulking cracks in chimney, is that the right solution


The mortar in our 25-year-old chimney is starting to crack and now leaks into our home if it rains hard.

I assume we're probably in need of repointing, but a contractor that has done roof work for us before says that caulking in some silicon into those cracks will do the trick.

Is that an acceptable solution? Or will we just be dealing with this again in 6 months?

Want to make sure they're not just trying to make a quick buck.

Best Answer

This is the same question you asked a couple of days ago. BTW, NEVER use silicone caulk on chimney masonry cracks, especially if the crack passes through. There are special masonry high temp caulks for this purpose. In your case where water is passing completely through the brick joints, you really need to have it repointed. Any competent contractor would not suggest silicone in this case. Find a new contractor.