Does new drywall need 2 coats of primer


Do I need 2 coats of primer on new drywall? Homeowner is using primer/paint on finish coat. Will the primer/paint suffice, instead of 2nd coat of primer?

This is for all new surface. walls, ceilings & trim.

Best Answer

It really depends on the results you get after the first coat. The purpose of primer is to lay down a surface that is uniform and consistent in

  • color, within reason
  • smoothness
  • texture
  • absorption
  • absence of surface contamination

Because if those things are not uniform, the irregularities will print through when you topcoat.

You can get it to stop printing through if you spam enough coats of topcoat... But since that's primer's job, it's better to resolve it at the primer stage, where you are sure to get it in 1 or 2.