Doors – Door jamb on a 2.5″ thick wall


What approach can be used to fabricate and install a door jamb on a 2.5" thick wall? The wall is composed of 2×4 on side (1.5") and two sheets of 1/2" drywall.

I have an old 5 panel door that fits the rough opening and old casing that I'd like to use if I can.

Best Answer

I can think of two options using the prehung doors available in HI stores:

You can pull the door apart (they come in two pieces for the installation) and cut about 3/4" off of the inset part of the door. Since this side goes into the channel on the other half of the door, you'll never see it if the cut isn't pretty. I believe there's at least 1/4" of play in that channel, but measure first.

Second option is to get some strips of 1/2" wood to install behind the trim around the door. Hang the door as you normally would, but leave it 1/2" out from the walls. Then, before nailing the trim into the wall, place the 1/2" strips of wood behind the trim around the doorway.

The first option is a bit tricky since the door is very weak when disassembled and the trim makes the corners difficult to cut around. The second option comes in handy when you realize the problem after you've already installed the door (we all forget to measure first sometimes), but I don't think it looks as good to have trim sticking out like that.