Doors – fixing stripped screw in soft-wood door frame?


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As you can see in the below image, the upper screw holding in the lock plate (name?) has stripped completely out of the crappy soft wood frame. The plate is loose, and the door catches on it further damaging the plate and the door.

I cannot relocate the plate, as that's well beyond my abilities as a DIY guy. What's the best way to secure the screw in the hole? Epoxy? Is simple hot glue good enough? I don't need to ever get it back out again… I just want it in tight so that plate doesn't catch on things and the door can be closed without worry…

Thank you!

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Best Answer

Remove the plate and drill out the hole and fill it with glue and a dowel. I've used a 3/8" oak dowel in the past for this. Use a good wood glue and after it dries, shave it down with a wood chisel. Use touch-up paint if needed.

Make sure you allow the glue to dry as directions say and pre-drill into the dowel. The screw should fit tight then.