Doors – How to evaluate if a door is hung correctly


I do not have experience hanging doors and I would like to understand how to evaluate an installed door replacement. Any list of good checks / verification is appreciated. My gut tells me this is a fine art and that there may be a few not so obvious checks that come only with experience. If you have hung 10+ doors please state this in your reply.

Best Answer

  1. Plumb, level, square.
  2. On plane (not necessarily with respect to the wall, which may be twisted or otherwise distorted).
  3. Uniform, appropriate gaps.
  4. Solid attachment, especially at the hinges and strike plate.
  5. Smooth, quiet operation with no gravity-induced movement.
  6. Proper weather sealing, where appropriate.

Experience claim: Hundreds (thousands?) of interior and exterior doors installed or refurbished over 30 years.