Doors – How to repair a large hole in an interior door


I locked myself out and didn't have proper tools to get in, so I drilled a hole directly above the door knob so that I could fit my hand in to unlock it. There is also damage to the outer edge where the latch is.

I don't have a router, or carpentry tools, nor the cash for a replacement.

How can I go about repairing this hole?

image description here

Best Answer

To be honest, I would seriously consider replacing the door. Sometimes the "big" fix turns out to be the cheapest & easiest, particularly if the door is a typical indoor door and a standard size (or close enough that you can get a standard size door and trim it to fit).

However, one possibility that might work is a door reinforcer:

door reinforcer

But (a) it will look a little out of place on a bedroom door and (b) I am a bit concerned about whether the lock will work effectively (and not just fall apart, or even worse, jam) because it is barely hanging on right now.