Drywall – Does 2008-era drywall contain asbestos


I changed the brake pads on my motorcycle today and I read in the manual that you have to be careful when cleaning them with compressed air because asbestos fibers might get into your lungs and cause permanent and severe damage.

While I was googling I've also found that drywall removal is dangerous for the same reason. And it just hit me; last year I removed 5 drywall walls (gypsum wallpapers) in my home using a sledge-hammer and electric saws. I think I used something on my face because inhaling it was unbearable. I did it for 2 days. I was stupid for not wearing a mask. The drywall is gypsum based and was installed there post 2008. Does it contain the deadly asbestos? I live in Eastern Europe in the EU.

Will I die of cancer in 10 years?

Best Answer

Asbestos has been banned in Europe for over a decade you will be fine. Blue and brown asbestos was been banned since 1985 and white asbestos since 1999 (resolving and complete end by 2005) so 2008 (manufactured or sold) gypsum board could not legally have asbestos.

The only danger you'd face is the possibly older insulation behind it or you end up shaking an older ceiling.