Drywall – How to do after mistakenly using moldy paint on drywall


I was painting my basement and used a six year old five gallon bucket of paint. It had about 4 gallons of paint in it. The surface was black, but it didn't smell bad. I thought it was the dye separating out. It mixed well. I used it on the wall and went to the second bucket for my finish coat. The first bucket was a flat paint and the second an eggshell finish. The second bucket was clear on top before mixing. I now realize the terrible mistake I made. I painted mold onto my walls. I don't know if I am going to have a problem, but my gut feel is not a good one. What can I do to fix this?

Best Answer

Mold need two things to create spores, water and air. You probably killed any active mold when you mixed it in the bucket. However, don't fear. Once that coat is dry, recoat with fresh paint. It will seal over the original coat and any surviving mold should be encased and die. I think you will be fine, just repaint.