Drywall – How to refinish an interior chimney pipe to make it appear rounded


Right now my interior chimney pipe is hidden behind a wall and I want to remove that wall and expose the pipe, but the pipe itself is not so pretty.

My fireplace is a wood fireplace with a double isolated chimney pipe of about 10 inchs in diameter.

I'm looking to do something like this :

enter image description here

enter image description here

Those pictures comes from my neighbor's house. He said to me that it was done with plaster.

This is exactly my fireplace, but the chimney pipe is behind a wall right now.
How can I achieve this rounded chimney pipe ?

Best Answer

Where I live, there are two or three places that specialize in fireplaces, like a re-modeler's dream. Find what you have locally and take a picture of your fireplace and your neighbors fireplace (before and after) and explain what it takes to change yours. Then you will know what you need and whether it is something you want to handle as a DIY'er or pay to have done. When you learn more you can search the whole world wide web. (I love saying that) to even help you take it to the next level.