Drywall – Is this a good drywall hole cutter


Has anyone used this: Stanley Drywall Hole Cutter

enter image description here

There are no reviews for it and I can't seem to find any on the web. I like the fact that it has two saws, though since I've never used a cutter like this, I wouldn't have anything to compare it to.

Anyone recommend another cutter?

Best Answer

I've used the single wheel version of this before, and it works fine.


  • Simple design. Just like using a utility knife to score a line, you cut your circle out on both sides, and then punch out the hole.
  • Perfectly round holes.


  • Slower. To make the cuts at the same place, you drill a small hole in the center and then align the cutout tool on that hole.
  • Error prone. I'd worry that two cutting wheels would only make it more difficult (you have to line them up, so they're cutting the same location).

That said, if you're doing a lot of cutouts, mastering a rotary tool with a drywall bit will be a lot faster.

drywall cutout tool

And a keyhole saw will be a lot more versatile for occasional usage.

keyhole saw

And if you're making lots of identically sized holes, then a drill mounted hole saw makes a perfectly round hole each time without much effort.

hole saw