Drywall – n easier way to remove a double layer of drywall on the ceiling


I'm pulling down the ceiling and am having difficulty pulling down the drywall because it is 2 layers thick. I'm using a hammer and a wrecking bar but it is going a lot more slowly than I'd hoped. Is there a technique or tool I could be using to get this done more quickly?

There is nothing above the double-layer of drywall, just the floorboards from the apartment above ours. I won't be able to get access from there though.

Best Answer

Interesting. I've always found drywall easy to remove: In fact it is frightening how little effort it takes to remove it considering the amount of work it takes to put it up and make it look good.

While getting a start on a sheet can be challenging, once three of the edges are free and clear, it usually comes down almost a whole sheet at a time.

To get started, I usually just take a regular (carpenter's) hammer and bash a straight series of small, closely spaced holes across the piece. Then stick fingertips, screwdriver, or flat pry bar in and start trying to make a gap big enough to get further behind the sheet. Then pull.

Usually the most frequent danger is getting bits of gypsum in the eyes. Bashing blindly at a wall without knowing if there are pipes or wires is another hazard. Don't beat hard until you know it is clear.