Drywall – No More Nails adhesive on PVA primed drywall


I'd like to glue laminate flooring on my TV wall. I just plan to glue the laminate directly to the wall, which is drywall primed with Kilz PVA

I have No More Nails general purpose adhesive lying around. It states it does not recommend bonding together two (2) non-porous materials.

The back of the laminate flooring definitely looks non-porous. Correct me if I'm wrong, but the Kilz PVA primer makes the drywall non-porous, right?

If so, what would be the best type of adhesive to use for this application?


Here are photos of how I did it:

enter image description here

1-5/8" paneling nail to the lip

Finished wall

I did end up using some form of adhesive on the aluminum trim/border: Super Glue!

Best Answer

I wouldn't try to primarily use any adhesive for this, it would be better to use a brad nailer. This will be easier, faster and stronger (and cheaper, if you already have or don't count the cost of buying the nailer itself).

enter image description here

Mark the studs, and put a nail in the groove (which will be hidden by the next piece).

You only really need adhesive for the top row. I'd put it on the bottom row as well, just for good measure, but the bottom row can usually be nailed or even screwed to the wall at the bottom where it will be covered by baseboard.

Since it's not really holding much weight, 'No More Nails' would work, as would basically any silicone or construction adhesive.