Drywall – What are the pros and cons of rolled-on wall/ceiling texture paint


I just recently learned that some wall/ceiling textures can be applied with a paint-roller and special texture "paint".

Here are a couple examples from Home Depot:

alt text alt text

I was hoping to get more information on this technique. I'd specifically like to know:

  • What types of texture patterns are available using this method? Some types look like they could be done by either rolled-on or spray (e.g. Perlite).
  • How do the finished results compare to other texturing methods? Is there a noticeable difference in quality?
  • Is there a cost benefit for rolled-on textures?
  • Is a rolled-on texture easier for beginners to apply?


Best Answer

Here is a short HOWTO article that answers some of your questions: http://tlc.howstuffworks.com/home/painting-interiors9.htmt

Here are a series of HOWTO's from BEHR's product pages: BEHR's Texture Painting HOWTO's

Here is another one from a specific product page: http://www.skalflex.com/products/texturePaints/interior.html