Dust-free alternative to gravel for an indoor Petanque Court


We are considering constructing a P├ętanque court in our office.

The typical finished playing surface is sand, gravel, small pebbles or sometimes shell.

We need a dust-free material so that when people step in and out of the court, they don't track dust around the office.

The material will be challenged by metal boules that are lobbed around the surface as part of the game, and players walking around the surface.

What are some alternative materials (or coated materials) that have similar properties to sand or gravel, but that are dust-free?

Best Answer

If this is an interior installation then no powder/gravel based playing surface will be "dust free" as the impact of the balls will create dust. Reading up on the game, it does say that it can be played on grass.

Based on that, for an indoor game, I'd go with hard rubberized flooring (such as used in gymnasiums) topped with interior AstroTurf of a short cut.