Easiest & Best way to make a box shelf


I'm not experienced in DIY beyond being able to paint stuff. However, recently I've been let down by a number of carpenters and I've decided to build myself some box shelves and want to get an idea to a way I can do this.

I've got a room with two built in wardrobes with a recessed area between them where I intend to make these shelves – so I have three edges I can attach the shelves to (two wood and one is a wall which I think has a blocked up chimney but seems quite solid when I tap it), but no idea really of how to do it. I'm looking at storing books on these shelves, so need them to be able to take some weight.

I've search online and found this site describing how to do it but I fear I don't have the correct tools to be able to make an accurate rabbets. I have a jigsaw and a saw station for it, an impact drill, and screw drivers etc. I'm pretty sure I can do it, but need some guidance.

Best Answer

Go to the hardware store and pick up a miter box and; if it doesn't come with one, a back saw. While your there pick up a set of chisels, that's really all you need to make the shelves.

Here is a good description of how to cut the rabbet by hand using a back saw.

Warning: You may want to practice on some scrap wood until you feel comfortable.

If you don't mind spending the money you could buy a router and a rabbet bit, this would be the fast more efficient way to make the shelves.