Electrical – AC contactor 1 pole or 2


I wanted to title this: Outside unit running, but thermostat is off but I'm 99% sure its the contactor unless someone here says otherwise.

Thus my real question: which contactor should I buy? I typed in the part no. on Amazon but I'm experiencing death by choices. No where on my current contactor can I find the words 1 pole or the amperage. The variety of contactor choices I have are making me nervous. Heres the pic of my current one
enter image description here

One last question, does manufacturer matter? Do I buy Siemens only?

Everything works fine by the way the fan just runs non-stop. Just fyi I've replaced the capacitor and a fuse on the control board this week.

Best Answer

If the condensing unit fan is 120 V (L2 to neutral), then the fan would run continuously. But unless someone changed wires in the unit it should be connected to L1. You may be able to unstick the contactor by tapping on it with a (non conducting) rod or other object.

If the current contactor is original, you should be able to get a correct replacement by cross referencing the Siemens number.

The info on the sticker "CONT1P025024V" presumably means 1-pole ("1P").

EDIT When you changed the capacitor did you possibly switch L1 and L2? The contactor may be OK.