Electrical – Air conditioning: Frequent on-off of outdoor unit or stay on for long duration


I've a LG 1.5 tonne split AC in my room. As with many LG models, the ac comes with auto shut down feature of the outside unit as soon as the room temperature reaches the temp set in the AC. So this leaves me with two scenarios and I need help in determining which is ideal for less power consumption.

Scenario 1:

I set the temp in AC to 28-29 deg cel. In doing so, the outdoor unit runs for about 12-15 minutes and then shuts down for around 5 minutes (until the room temperature rises again and the cycle continues)

Scenario 2:

I set the temp in AC to 23-26 deg cel. The outdoor unit, in this case, runs for around 35-50 minutes and stays off for around 5-10 minutes and the cycle continues

I've come across suggestions that the outdoor unit consumes a tremendous amount of power to start and hence it's recommended that the unit stay on for longer duration as opposed to frequent on-off in order for less power consumption, but I'm not sure how genuine this information is.

Any inputs?

If it helps in any way, the region in question is India.


Model Name: LSA5VP3M

Best Answer

In a nut shell, the cooler your home, the more your electric bill will be. You pay for your unit to run, not to start up. Sure, there is an increase in current when the unit starts up but the increase only lasts for a few seconds and there is a slight voltage drop when this occurs. It will have a very negligible affect on you bill. Scenario 1 would be your best option.